5 Training Tips on Dogs for Competition

Taking your dog for a competition is normally the most enjoyable experience for any dog owner. This will allow you to establish a stronger bond with your pet and you will also be able to show it to all your friends. However, before you can do all these, you need first to train it for it to perform well. Below are some tips on how to go about this.

Before you can start training your dog, you should first ensure that it is allowed to be in that particular competition. There are various conditions provided by the companies that hold the competition. You must, therefore, ensure that your dog meets all those conditions that they have indicated.

Teach him to free stack, with this. Your dog will be in a position to assume the right position on command. You should also remember to practice gaiting with your dog; this will allow your dog to move in a way that the judges will be able to see all its movement as well as its structure.

You should also teach it to hand stack, in order for your dog to succeed in a competition, it must be in a position to stack or rather stand squarely and still.

You must bait train the dog as well; this will enable it to look happy as well as an alert when it is stacked. Training the dog to focus on you is something that you can do from the first day you feed it. While in the stacked position, the judge will be in a position to see the dog’s body outline as well as its balance. You may also want to check best flea treatment for home.

During a dog competition, judges tend to examine the dogs physically; therefore you should train it so that it can also be to tolerate examination in order for the competition to be successful.

Before you can take it to a major competition, start taking it to minor competitions, with this, you will be able to determine whether it is ready for the competition or not.